Introduce Changes Quickly and Reliably

Prevent risk of widespread outages and breaches.

Eliminate 85% of all outages and improve MTTR. Identify root cause 70% faster.

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Extract Meaning From Analytics

Actionable, timely and contextualized knowledge from the network.

Improve infrastructure agility up to 99%, and reduce time to delivery by 90%.

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A Step Beyond Simple Automation

Boost efficiency and productivity of IT staff to enhance business outcomes.

Customers claim up to 83% in operational savings and lower CapEx by 60%

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Apstra Intent-Based Networking for Data Center Networks

Apstra’s Intent-Based Networking empowers organizations to automate all aspects of the network design, build, deploy, and operate phases. Apstra leverages advanced intent-based analytics to continually validate the network, thereby eliminating complexity, vulnerabilities, and outages resulting in a secure and resilient network. Learn more about What is Intent-Based Networking?

Bring Automation and Control to Your Data Center Network

When Day 0 design is aligned with Day 2 operations, teams understand how the network should function and how to fix problems when they happen.

Intent-Based Networking means that the network you design mirrors the network you deploy in every detail (even the cabling).

Apstra provides:

  • Automated management of data center leaf-spine network services
  • Real-time closed-loop validation using advanced processing data analytics
  • Seamless cloud-scale network deployments at web-scale levels

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Reduce time to delivery by 90%, eliminate 85% of all outages, lower OpEx by up to 83% and lower CapEx by up to 60%. Apstra Intent-Based Networking for the data center has demonstrated 83% improvements in operational efficiency, 70% improvements in mean time to resolution and 99% improvements in infrastructure agility. Apstra reduces deployment time and outages while improving response times and enhancing overall auditing and assurance.  Calculate your savings

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Apstra’s system gives us a single view into the entire media production network — regardless of our devices, switches, operating systems or vendors.

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eBook: Intent-Based Networking for Dummies

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White Paper

NEW! Apstra Operating System (AOS) Architecture White Paper

Apstra provides powerful, intent-driven automation of network services in vendor-agnostic environments by delivering it as an easily consumable service in response to consumer-specified intent.

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