Nov 19, 2018

Apstra’s NFD19 Experience: Part 1

Networking Field Day is one of my personal favorite events to participate in. While I’ve never had the honor of acting as a delegate, I’ve had the pleasure of presenting a handful of times in my prior endeavors. One aspect I love about NFD is cutting through the marketing hype and getting down to brass tacks. For me, this doesn’t mean getting into excruciating details, it means making complex things simple — usually in the form of a whiteboard. While the rapid fire questions from the delegates can be high-pressure, it’s also a lot of fun and usually forces me to look at things differently, and I always learn something new.

I was thrilled to put together Apstra’s participation in NFD19 last week. We had a packed schedule with six presentation segments, featuring rockstar Apstra folks including David Cheriton, Mansour Karam, Michael Wood, Rags Rachamadugu, DJ Spry, Ryan Booth, yours truly and Network to Code’s Jere Julian. We hosted the event at our sweet new office in Menlo Park. A huge thanks to all the delegates and the Tech Field Day crew for coming out and making the event possible!

Over the next few weeks we will feature blog posts from each of the NFD19 presenters that summarize what we talked about. We focused heavily on the ongoing power of Day 2 operations with Apstra AOS®, and how much it has to offer beyond the initial deployment of Intent-Based Data Centers. We also delivered three Apstra Intent-Based Data Center Automation demos: highlighting our new multi-vendor EVPN support, advanced Day 2 Intent-Based Analytics (IBA), and integration with Apstra AOS and ServiceNow.

David Cheriton also joined for a little on camera chat about the future of Intent-Based Networking, and stayed on for an off-camera session to close out the day. Don’t worry, you’ll find out what he discussed without the cameras rolling soon. 🙂 Be sure to check out all the presentations from Apstra at NFD19 here. Stay tuned!


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