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Intent-Based Networking Lessons Learned from Nutanix

Dave Butler

| Updated Oct 7, 2019

Things are happening in data center networking. I’m not referring to some new technology or visionary trend. I’m referring to an immense structural changes in the way networking technology is consumed and the effect that has on both operators and suppliers. We all...Read

Transition to a Self-Operating CLOS

Dave Butler

| Updated Mar 28, 2017

This blog is about how to transform a 3-tier (core-distribution-access) network into a multi-vendor L3 CLOS using the Apstra Operating System (AOS®). This can represent a big step forward for most enterprises with big benefits including complete lifecycle automation....Read

Claw Back the Cost of Network Failure

Dave Butler

| Updated Feb 3, 2017

The network is the underlying foundation of the data center. If that foundation becomes unstable, everything else, apps and all, are affected. The bummer is that most large data center networks are, in fact, unstable.Complex networks experience rapid entropy and...Read

Managing Multiple Network Technologies in the Data Center

Dave Butler

| Updated Nov 28, 2016

Operating a data center network using switching products from multiple vendors is costly and often quite hard to do. Design, provisioning and operations of these products requires teams to be educated or certified in the technologies that each product requires. The...Read