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Yahoo Japan Deploys Apstra

Mansour Karam

| Updated Mar 13, 2018

Solving customer problems is our top priority at Apstra®. We live and breathe our customers and customer success is a goal we’re extremely passionate about. Apstra has generated revenue globally since 2016, and while we have hundreds of nodes in production it is with...Read

Pushing the State-of-the-Art with Intent-Based Analytics

Mansour Karam

| Updated Jan 24, 2018

At Apstra, we have declared war against the complexities and inefficiencies that plague data center network operations today, preventing organizations from delivering on their digital transformation goals. We set ourselves a core mission, which is to deliver on the...Read

Looking Forward to 2018

Mansour Karam

| Updated Dec 20, 2017

As this year comes to an end, we want to thank our customers and partners for joining us on this amazing journey, share a retrospective of Apstra’s 2017, and make some predictions for 2018.   2017 – The industry embraces Intent-Based Networking and AOS runs...Read