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Apstra Defines the “Self-Operating Network™”

Mansour Karam

| Updated Nov 3, 2016

There has been a lot of well justified press and discussion lately about the rapidly advancing concepts and delivery of self-driving cars. This week, somewhat prophetically, a delivery was made by the first self-driving truck — and it, of course, was a beer delivery....Read

Eliminate the ‘Effective Manual Tax Rate’

Mansour Karam

| Updated Oct 24, 2016

The $48B spend on network operationsFor every $1 spent on network equipment, up to $3 are spent on operating this equipment over its lifetime. Considering that enterprises are expected to spend $16B on data center Ethernet switches in 2019, the network operations...Read

Apstra to Enable a Turn-Key OCP-Based Network

Mansour Karam

| Updated Oct 18, 2016

I am fortunate to have been involved with the Open Compute Project (OCP) since its inception in 2011. I was present at their first Networking Project meeting and have been part of some of its core contributions including ONIE and ONL. In the past two years, OCP has...Read