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Eliminate Legacy. Forever.

Sasha Ratkovic

| Updated Apr 30, 2019

As we release AOS 3.0, it’s time for the industry to consider taking a hard look at legacy and its crippling effects. It’s also a fitting opportunity to propose a path forward that enables organizations to eliminate legacy forever. Indeed, everyone hates legacy, when...Read

Part 1: Micro-segmentation as a Composition Challenge

Sasha Ratkovic

| Updated Jan 31, 2019

There have been many good articles recently written about micro-segmentation and the benefits derived. Almost all of them suggest strategies about how to approach the implementation as it is not a trivial task. Intent-Based Networking is well positioned to address...Read

Intent-Based Networking Taxonomy

Sasha Ratkovic

| Updated Jul 31, 2018

Customers and partners, and recently investors ask the question “How is one Intent-Based Networking (IBN) offering different than the others?” And more often than not I hear answers that sound subjective, descriptive, and subject to interpretation. What is needed are...Read