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Work/Life Balance for Network Engineers

Derick Winkworth

| Updated Dec 21, 2017

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks about the work/life balance in the context of network engineering.  You can listen to this podcast here. I think this topic is particularly relevant at this time of year when it is critical...Read

Looking Forward to 2018

Mansour Karam

| Updated Dec 20, 2017

As this year comes to an end, we want to thank our customers and partners for joining us on this amazing journey, share a retrospective of Apstra’s 2017, and make some predictions for 2018.   2017 – The industry embraces Intent-Based Networking and AOS runs...Read

Rapidly Build and Operate Physical and Overlay Networks

Josh Saul

| Updated Dec 14, 2017

Apstra has a webinar that helps answer a lot of questions around how we are able to dramatically decrease time to market for new data center deployments. As part of the webinar, I will be providing a scenario and showing how AOS® 2.0 automates the design and...Read

Apstra AOS 2.0 for Custom Telemetry Applications

Josh Saul

| Updated Dec 8, 2017

At ONUG Fall 2017, Apstra was invited to present an AOS® Proof of Concept.  With just 10 minutes to present, we were invited to show off the major new developments in our 2.0 release that enable custom telemetry functions and visualizations.  I could talk...Read

Mitigating Network Outages Caused by Human Error

Derick Winkworth

| Updated Nov 30, 2017

A recurring theme we hear from our customers is how they want to reduce the kind of errors that come with manually configuring their networks using the device CLI.  From one device to the next, every command entered represents a potential outage.  Indeed,...Read