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Eliminate Legacy. Forever.

Sasha Ratkovic

| Updated Apr 30, 2019

As we release AOS 3.0, it’s time for the industry to consider taking a hard look at legacy and its crippling effects. It’s also a fitting opportunity to propose a path forward that enables organizations to eliminate legacy forever. Indeed, everyone hates legacy, when...Read

The Dangers of Hardware Vendor Lock-in

Mansour Karam

| Updated Apr 25, 2019

Hardware Vendor Lock-In: A Long and Messy Past If you think about the beginnings of networking, hardware lock-in was the norm. The original IBM Token Ring, for example was a proprietary networking solution; and every new purchase order had to go to the same vendor if...Read

Building a Distributed Team

Mansour Karam

| Updated Mar 26, 2019

I recently saw a post on Twitter that claimed something along the lines of “Remote work is mostly BS”, which inspired me to write this blog. When we started Apstra, we stated an explicit goal to provide the ability for remote workers to join our team, and be...Read

Intent-based Networking and Threat Mitigation

Manish Sampat

| Updated Mar 5, 2019

In my previous blog I discussed Intent-Based Networking and security and how the adoption of Intent-Based Networking allows users to greatly enhance the security posture of their network. In this blog we dig deeper and see how an Intent-Based Network can help with...Read