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Why Have I Joined Apstra?

Jeff Tantsura

| Updated Oct 17, 2018

The short answer is quite simple — for the people and technology. Let me elaborate on both: People: Finding a group of like-minded people (who also happen to lead the company) who excel in their core competencies but are open to learn and listen to people who are...Read

How to Intentionally Build Security into a Network

Manish Sampat

| Updated Oct 8, 2018

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month in the United States and other countries around the world. Chances are you’ll be hearing a lot more about security as many media outlets, security companies and organizations raise the awareness with employees, customers and...Read

Intent-Based Analytics: True Value is in Day-2 Operations

Leah McLean

| Updated Sep 24, 2018

Intent-based data center automation and the multi-cloud-like portability it enables will accelerate your organization’s digital transformation, improve speed-to-market and save you money doing it. If you are focused on building out a private data center and evolving...Read

Intent-Based Networking Taxonomy

Sasha Ratkovic

| Updated Jul 31, 2018

Customers and partners, and recently investors ask the question “How is one Intent-Based Networking (IBN) offering different than the others?” And more often than not I hear answers that sound subjective, descriptive, and subject to interpretation. What is needed are...Read