Apstra's Management Team

We’re led by a seasoned team of networking industry leaders who bring extensive experience from companies such as Arista, Juniper Networks, VMware, BigSwitch and Extreme Networks.

Founder and CEO, Director

David Cheriton was a former Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Stanford University and a world-renowned researcher in the areas of networking and distributed systems with numerous widely cited publications and patents. As Founder and CEO of Apstra, David is responsible for setting the product vision and engineering direction.

Founder and President, Director

Mansour Karam is an entrepreneur and executive with a passion and successful track record for building high tech infrastructure companies from the ground up. As Founder and President of Apstra, Mansour leads the company’s culture and business, focuses on strategic business initiatives, and runs day to day operations.

CTO, Founder

Sasha is a thought leader in domain abstractions and data model driven automation. As CTO at Apstra, he drives the architecture direction of the Apstra Operating System and is deeply involved in all aspects of the Apstra Product and Engineering efforts.

Vice President, Engineering

Herb Schneider heads all engineering efforts for Apstra. Prior to Apstra, Mr. Schneider was a co-founder and VP of Engineering at Extreme Networks.

Vice President, Worldwide Sales

Jeff is responsible for running Apstra’s worldwide sales efforts and accelerating Apstra’s revenue growth to capture the global demand for Intent-Based Data Center Automation.

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