Nov 13, 2018

Evolving to an Intent-Based Data Center


Burned out by the cumbersome, manual, repetitive, tactical toil to keep your Data Center running? You’re certainly not alone. Yet the digital transformation is impacting the business landscape faster than ever, and as Darwin observed more than two centuries ago, those who survive are those “most responsive to change”. You have to be innovative, agile, strategic—and not only must you be that, you also must be more of that than your competition. But more than likely you too—as suggested by the industry average—spend approximately 83% of your network budget simply to “keep the lights on”. This business profile is not gold medal material.

No one has the budget to increase resources, so the agility equation can only adjust through more efficient and productive use of existing resources, and that in turn dictates simplification and automation: self-operation, ubiquitous monitoring and telemetry, analytics and automated, self-correcting responses to events and changes. Self-operation and self-correction presuppose knowledge of intent. That way, network events, activities and configurations can be handled in line with the business policies. If you state your intent “I must get to the office” to your self-driving car, it can self-evaluate routes, speeds, real-time traffic data, road rules, road instructions, and parking options to optimize your travel experience, significantly unburdening you from the multitude of tedious, attention-draining driving decisions.

Data center and networking technology have each undergone several waves of changes in their respective evolutions. The cost of computing in the data center has dropped (due to trends including OS independence, hardware commoditization, virtualization, open source software and cloud computing), at the same time the business value of the network has increased. Computing elements have become virtualized, decentralized, disassociated, movable, instantly re-deployable, belonging to private or public clouds, and they can only work as one if they are appropriately interconnected. All of these changes in both the data center and network architecture have made business more responsive to changes in performance, in scale, and in application availability. But it has also made system operation, management, changes, and troubleshoot much more complex.

The next significant wave towards improving the agility and dexterity of the data center, and the network that binds it together, is to raise the visibility and management of computing and networking resources to a level above the people-intensive, tactical, day-to-day operational toil towards automation based on a declaration of business intent. Intent-Based Networking integrated within an Intent-Based Data Center introduces a new operating model that delivers:

In the webinar on Evolving to an Intent-based Data Center, Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal analyst with ZK Research, leads off with a discussion of data center evolution, CIO challenges, key trends impacting the data center, cloud challenges and decision points for private and public clouds. The webinar then segues into an introduction of the Intent-Based Data Center and covers benefits, attributes, use cases and guidance on what to look for in a provider. Listen to it now to align your business strategy!

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