Apstra empowers network architects

Eliminate budget and staffing constraints.

Accelerate time from design to deployment.

Gain speed, savings and flexibility.

Would you like to provide a cloud-like experience for your team and business?

Whether you’re designing a new data center or managing a multi-phased data center migration, you’re probably dealing with resource and staff constraints—and the need to balance speed with costs and flexibility.  

Apstra cuts your time from design to deployment, from months or weeks to days or hours.

Apstra for Data Center Network Architects

Automate the architecture and operations of the data center network

Apstra for network architects.

Apstra removes infrastructure constraints by creating an open network and enabling you to implement the hardware switches that you determine are the best choice—giving you the power to balance cost, speed, and reliability like never before.

Apstra automates the design, build, and deployment of data center networks, from custom design templates, cabling maps, and quickly and reliably automating the provisioning of the network. Apstra uniquely extends into Day 2 operations and continually validates changes against the network, alerting the teams if changes are initiated that can cause brownouts or deviations from your original intent—ensuring that the network you deployed continues to operate as you intended.

Apstra AOS – Architecture Overview

Read this in-depth white paper to understand the details on how and why Apstra AOS was architected the way it is, written by Sasha Ratkovic, Apstra’s CTO and Founder.

Architect a Better Data Center Network

Relevant Analytics in Real Time

Our intent-based analytics extract actionable insights and rich context out of raw telemetry for a single source of truth. Explore the state of the network in real-time, continuously validate best practices and predefined industry-best checks with zero delays.

Network Lifecycle Change Automation

Bring together Day 0 design and Day 2 network operations so that teams can move, add, change and validate changes and fix problems before they happen. Be alerted when network changes are initiated that can cause deviations from your original intent.

Zero-Touch Provisioning

Provision your entire datacenter network automatically. Reduce complexity, errors and the time it takes to roll out new devices and make changes, saving you time, money and effort.

Optimize and Up-level Your Existing Team

Sophisticated automation replacing manual configurations remove inefficiencies so that teams can be refocused on strategic initiatives.

Measurable Operational Improvements

Realize an average 80% improvement in operational efficiency, 70% improvement in MTTR, and 99% improvements in infrastructure agility. Estimate your savings.

Enables Vendor Flexibility

Designed with an open architecture that allows architects to manage a multi-vendor environment with the same ease as a single vendor environment.


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Data Center Network Design

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