Apstra empowers network operators

Eliminate budget and staffing constraints.

Rollout changes in a fraction of the time.

Continuous automated real-time validation.

Are your nights and weekends spent trying to deliver a fast, agile, and reliable network?

Whether you’re managing upgrades, integrations, provisioning, or doing rebuilds, you are under constant pressure. Configuration management, network complexity increases, and change management have become more difficult. If you’re like most operations teams, you’re being asked to do more with less: understaffing, resource constraints and the mandate to deliver agility with reliability. 

According to Gartner   “Approximately 70% of data center networking tasks are performed manually, which increases time, cost and likelihood of errors, and reduces flexibility.”

“By 2022, nearly 40% of operational processes will be self-healing and self-learning — minimizing the need for human intervention or adjustments.”

— IDC Digital Transformation Prediction

Apstra for Data Center Network Operators

Automate the architecture and operations of the data center network

Apstra for operations teams.

The enormous benefit to operations teams is that Apstra continually validates changes across the data center network, alerting the operations team if changes are initiated that can cause brownouts or deviations from the original intent. Apstra’s proactive alerting, with our Intent-Based Analytics, protects operations teams from applying changes either manually or through scripting that would cause errors, brownouts, vulnerabilities, or even failures.

Apstra provides operations teams the reliability they need and the speed they desire. Because of our unique architecture, you no longer have to decide between doing something right or doing it fast. Apstra cuts the time it would take to make changes from months or weeks to days or hours. Estimate your time savings

Bring Automation and Control to Data Center Network Operations

Discover how Apstra brings automation and control to data center network operations with a single source of network truth.

Operate a Better Data Center Network

Achieve Reliable Change Control

Make gradual changes reliably, and continually validate changes alerting you if changes are initiated that can cause deviations from your original intent.

Optimize and Up-level Your Existing Team

Sophisticated automation replacing manual configurations remove inefficiencies so that teams can be refocused on strategic initiatives.

Network Lifecycle Change Automation

Bring together Day 0 design and Day 2 network operations so that teams can move, add, change and validate changes and fix problems before they happen.

Measurable Operational Improvements

Realize an average 80% improvement in operational efficiency, 70% improvement in MTTR, and 99% improvements in infrastructure agility. Estimate your savings

Advanced Root Cause Identification

Dramatically improve MTTR by pointing operators directly to the cause of service-affecting problems. Accelerate troubleshooting with predefined, customizable, automated probes and an enriched view of anomalies with context and summary of root causes.

Relevant Analytics in Real Time

Our Intent-Based Analytics extract actionable insights and rich context out of raw telemetry. Explore the state of the network in real-time, continuously validate best practices and predefined industry-best checks with zero delays.


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White Paper

NEW! Apstra Operating System (AOS) Architecture White Paper

Apstra provides powerful, intent-driven automation of network services in vendor-agnostic environments by delivering it as an easily consumable service in response to consumer-specified intent.


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