Apr 24, 2017

Gartner Cool Vendor and IBNS: The Journey to Autonomous Network Operations

Gartner_Cool_Vendor_2017_213x171.pngIt’s been an exciting few months at Apstra! Among everything else going on, we have earned recognition from industry analyst Gartner. First, Apstra Operating System (AOS®) was profiled in Gartner’s Innovation Insight Report: Intent-Based Networking Systems (IBNS) , as the only full offering defining a new category in data center networking. Gartner predicts 1000 IBNS deployments by 2020. Then Apstra was profiled in their Market Guide for Network Automation report in March. And then earlier this week, Apstra was named a Gartner Cool Vendor in Enterprise Networking, 2017.

On behalf of the entire Apstra team, we are very proud and appreciative of the validation that comes with Gartner’s vote of confidence.

We started Apstra because we knew that networking infrastructures are increasingly becoming a critical asset of businesses — especially in this age of IoT, Self-Driving Cars, ubiquitous Virtual Reality, and Delivery Drones, all of which require tremendous networking resources at the core.

We started Apstra because it was (and is still!) mind-boggling that network engineers are asked to operate their ever-increasing and ever more critical networks by typing arcane CLI commands on a box-per-box basis. It made no sense that when systems as mundane as thermostats were being fully automated using well-understood approaches to automation — intent-driven, closed-loop, and vendor-agnostic — no such approaches to automation existed in the networking world.

So we set ourselves to drive the industry towards delivering a Self-Operating Network™ — a network that configures itself, defends itself, and fixes itself; and with AOS, we pioneered Intent-Based Networking and delivered the first and only vendor-agnostic, intent-based Self Operating Network.

According to Gartner, an Intent-Based Networking System such as AOS reduces network infrastructure delivery times to business leaders by 50% to 90%, while simultaneously reducing the number and duration of outages by at least 50%.

It will also reduce the number of operation teams using the command-line interface (CLI) from 85% today to 30% in 2020!

We believe in a world where CLI is no longer used in networking, the same way DOS is no longer used to run your computer. We believe in a world where network operations are fully autonomous — delivering on massive improvements in uptime, agility, economics, and enabling operations that scale at the speed of your business.

If you share our belief; if your network infrastructure is becoming increasingly critical to your business; if you are interested in increased uptime, agility, and fundamentally different economics for your data center network infrastructure, then I invite you to follow Gartner’s recommendation. Don’t wait for your refresh cycle! You can fund your Intent-Based Network System using uptime improvements alone… Not to mention improved agility and massively streamlined operations.

We would love to hear from you — join the journey towards no CLI and autonomous network operations!

Mansour Karam

President, Founder