Intent-Based Networking

“Intent-Based Networking must make network infrastructure simple, agile, reliable in the presence of constant change, not only change in business rules, but also change in network operating state.”

Sasha Ratkovic
Founder and CTO of Apstra

Sasha Ratkovic explains Intent-Based Networking

Intent-Based Networking Taxonomy Model

Organizations looking to adopt and implement data center automation solutions such as self-operating or self-healing networks are turning to Intent-Based Networking. However, to cut through the IBN noise and determine the sophistication of solutions available in the market, this chart breaks down the levels of automation in network infrastructure. Customers can map IBN solutions to these IBN maturity levels. Click on each one for more detail.
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Intent-Based Analytics Taxonomy Model

Take a deeper dive into the four levels of classification. Check out Sasha Ratkovic’s “Intent-Based Networking Taxonomy” blog.

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Intent-Based Networking: What SDN Was Meant To Be
Intent-based networking

Apstra Sets the Standard for Intent-Based Networking

Networking thought leaders agree that Intent-Based Networking (IBN) is the next big thing in networking infrastructure. But when it comes to defining exactly what IBN is, opinions diverge. As a pioneer in the Intent-Based Networking space, Apstra is stepping up to clarify the meaning of this important new technology.

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Intent-Based Networking: A Next-Gen Vision for the Next-Gen Network

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Integrated Underlay and Overlay Network

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Data Center Network Design and Operation Should be this Easy

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Intent-Based Networking vs. “Intent-Based Networking”

The Dirty Truth about Intent-Washing

“Many companies have announced intent-based initiatives or products. They are using the language and the surrounding ideas to talk about existing products that simply were not designed from the ground up with Intent as a guiding light. ”

“The Dirty Truth about Intent Washing”