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Overcome Resource
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Improve Agility
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Juniper Networks and Apstra Usher in a New Era of Automated Data Center Operations:

The Next Step Beyond Simple IT Automation

Machines run machines in much of our everyday lives and increasingly on our networks. Think of autonomous vehicles: the system understands the intent of a driver

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Network Validation: Closing the Loop in Datacenter Network Automation

Automated datacenter network validation allows architects and operations teams to respond to the need for dynamic change while moving at the speed of digital business. The result is that enterprises realize business benefits and operational efficiencies and avoid having to make a trade-off between speed and reliability.




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Intent-Based Networking for the Data Center

Are your infrastructure and operations teams absorbing change, or driving it? Apstra addresses these challenges through a unified software solution to automate both the architecture and operations of the data center network.

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eBook: Intent-Based Networking for Dummies

Want to learn more about what Intent-Based Networking is all about? The benefits, risks, and the top things to consider before choosing an IBN solution.


What does the SONiC progress, Nvidia acquisitions, and emerging Red Hat model mean for networking?

Announcing Apstra 3.2, for Data Center Network Automation. Four major enhancements: network recovery, scale, design flexibility, and operational improvements