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Improving your security posture with “Software-First” Intent-Based Networking (Part 2)

Core components to improving your security posture through Intent-Based Networking include a single source of truth, continuous real-time validation and...


Improving your security posture with “Software-First” Intent-Based Networking (Part 1)

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Avoiding Hardware Vendor Lock-in with “Software First” Intent-Based Networking

So how to avoid hardware vendor lock-in? Enter Intent-Based Networking. Apstra pioneered Intent-Based Networking to free IT from vendor lock-in....


The Dangers of Hardware Vendor Lock-in

Hardware Vendor Lock-In: A Long and Messy Past If you think about the beginnings of networking, hardware lock-in was the...


Operating your Network with Intent-Based Networking

This blog is the third in a series highlighting Apstra’s participation in Networking Field Day 19. We had a great...


Intent-Based Analytics: True Value is in Day-2 Operations

Intent-based data center automation and the multi-cloud-like portability it enables will accelerate your organization’s digital transformation, improve speed-to-market and save...