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The Fallacy of the Network Greenfield Versus Brownfield Conundrum

I was a panelist at the ONUG conference in New York, where we discussed the impact of automation and machine...


Work/Life Balance for Network Engineers

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks about the work/life balance in the context...


Intent-Based Analytics: What is it?

In my previous blog on Intent-Based Networking (IBN) I tried to provide some clarity about our vision of what IBN...


Intent-Based Networking: What is it?

Intent-based-networking (IBN) is the shiny new object in networking. Analysts and vendors alike are touting it as transformative to the...


Intent-Based Networking Examples: Part 1 – Intent

This is the first blog in a three-part series on “Examples of Intent-Based Networking”.


The CIO’s Digital Transformation Starts With Transforming Network Operations

This article is directed to you, CIO of an organization that made digital transformation your key initiative. My message to...