Apstra at Network Field Day #23

October 2020

Apstra Company Overview and Updates

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Apstra delivers a unified solution to automate the architecture and operations of the data center network. Apstra’s flagship product, AOS, empowers organizations to automate all aspects of designing, building, deploying, and operating their networks. This automation and validation enable quick and reliable changes to the network while efficiently using available resources and ridding themselves of hardware vendor lock-in. With Apstra, operations start at Day 0 and continue through day 2 with closed-loop validation.     Presented by: Zack Zilakakis

How Apstra Eliminates EVPN Complexity with Reliable Automation

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Apstra simplifies the deployment and operation of EVPN. Apstra’s single source of truth enables faster mean-time-to-resolution to identify, resolve quickly, and eventually prevent data center network issues. We discuss and demonstrate how Apstra uses Intent-Based Analytics to understand the config, state, and expectations and uses context to provide closed-loop validation to companies using EVPN at scale.  Presented by: DJ Spry

How to Perform Fast and Reliable Rollbacks with Apstra’s Intent Time Voyager

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Apstra uses a graph model coupled with a single truth source to manage and automate some of the world’s most extensive and most complicated networks. We’ll show you how Apstra inherently creates snapshot versions of the network configuration so operations teams can reliably perform network rollbacks with an ease unparalleled in the industry. Our customers’ operational teams find this to be a game-changing feature.  Presented by: Josh Saul

Visualize Traffic Trends For Optimal Network Performance with Heatmap and Headroom Views

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Apstra contextualizes and correlates data center traffic flows to provide a comprehensive view for network operators. The operational telemetry views are automatically generated from our analytics. Apstra has the unique ability to collect relevant traffic statistics from overlaying historical continuously, and real-time traffic flows for various network views. The result is fabric heatmaps of network traffic and load so that operations teams can tune the network for optimal performance. Presented by: Josh Saul

How Apstra Manages and Automates Enterprise SONiC

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The session demonstrates Apstra’s ability to simplify the deployment and operations of Enterprise SONiC, with speed and reliability. The demonstration shows how Apstra interfaces with SONiC to configure and automate for fast and easy deployment, and operation in your data center network. This session demonstrates the simplicity of making changes reliably.  Presented by: DJ Spry

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