Tech Bytes: Intent-Based Networking And The Evolution Of Automation

Packet Pusher hosts Greg Ferro and Drew Conry-Murray talk Apstra's Mansour Karam, founder and President, about how Intent-Based Networking (IBN) is an evolution of automation.

Topics include:

  • How IBN differs from traditional network automation
  • Benefits of IBN for operators and architects
  • Apstra's support for open Networking
  • Customer use cases
  • More

Packet Pushers

Our Guest

Mansour Karam

Founder and President, Director — Apstra

Sean Hafeez

Vice President, Product Management — Apstra

Jeff Tantsura

Head of Networking Strategy — Apstra

Apstra Podcasts with the Packet Pushers

July 11, 2020


Tech Bytes: Solving Common Network Issues With Apstra’s Intent-Based Networking

With Drew Conry-Murray and Tom Coffeen from the Packet Pushers and Sean Hafeez, VP of Product Management; and Jeff Tantsura, Head of Networking Strategy from Apstra.

Sean Hafeez
VP, Product Mgmt — Apstra
Jeff Tanstura
Head of Networking Strategy — Apstra

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