Heavy Networking: Automating Multi-DC EVPN With Beelastic and Apstra

Published: November 3, 2020

If you’ve been looking at automation for your network, you should listen to this episode. This is one of those discussions that can help you understand whether you should roll your own artisanal automation, lovingly handcrafted with Python scripts flowing from your keyboard, or whether your organization would be better served with a commercially supported tool like Apstra.

That’s the choice Beelastic needed to make, and they discuss why they chose Apstra. Beelastic tells their tale of data center fabric, multiple data centers, automation, validation, multi-tenancy, EVPN, and more.

We discuss:

  • What does Beelastic do?
  • What does Apstra do?
  • What problem was Beelastic trying to solve?
  • Why and how did Beelastic select Apstra?
  • Did Beelastic perform a proof of concept (POC) test?
  • What was the deployment strategy for the new EVPN-based data centers?
  • What’s the operational impact been now that Apstra is part of the workflow?

Packet Pushers

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Gerold Toth
Cloud Architect — Beelastic
Mehdi Abdelouahab
Solution Architect — Apstra

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Sean Hafeez
VP, Product Mgmt — Apstra
Jeff Tanstura
Head of Networking Strategy — Apstra

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