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Apstra AOS Enterprise Edition

For organizations that need to design and operate large inter-rack virtual networks on L3 BGP fabric, EVPN automation, L3 routing on the host, and IPv6 fabric.

Feature Enterprise
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Automated L3 Clos design and deployment with intra-rack virtual networks
Built-in Telemetry
Intent-Based Analytics
(unlimited probes)
Streaming Telemetry
Extensible telemetry collection
Automated design and deployment of inter-rack virtual networks (VXLAN) & multi-tenancy (EVPN)
Routing on the host (requires an additional per-server license)
NSX-T Integration
vSphere Integration
Group-Based Policy Enhancements
5-Stage Clos
Advanced Root Cause Identification
Zero-Touch Provisioning
IPv6 Application Support
Cloud-scale Infrastructure
Network LifecycleDay 0, 1, 2+ Move/Add/Change Automation
Rapid Network Operating System Upgrades