Jan 24, 2018

Pushing the State-of-the-Art with Intent-Based Analytics


At Apstra, we have declared war against the complexities and inefficiencies that plague data center network operations today, preventing organizations from delivering on their digital transformation goals. We set ourselves a core mission, which is to deliver on the vision of an autonomous Self-Operating Network™. We promised our customers that we would continue delivering on functionality that every day gets us closer to our goal.  

Today, we take a significant step forward in our commitment to this challenge by announcing Apstra AOS® 2.1. It is an exciting release because it includes for the first time the Intent-Based Analytics™ (IBA) capability that we pioneered, and that my co-founder Sasha Ratkovic first introduced to the industry in a 2017 blog post. AOS 2.1 is generally available this month.

AOS IBA is a feature that our customers have been excited about and eagerly awaiting. It embeds automated big data analytics into the real-time continuous validation capability of AOS, and provides our customers unprecedented control of their network infrastructures to address their digital transformation and IoT goals.

In a nutshell, AOS IBA liberates network operators from today’s status quo, which is to sift through mountains of raw telemetry and stare at network visualizations 24/7 to detect unusual patterns. And contrary to the traditional big-data analytics status quo, AOS IBA relieves network operators from having to write complex low level imperative programs that need to be integrated and constantly kept in sync.

Instead, network operators specify,  using a simple, dynamic, declarative interface, exactly how they expect their network to operate — beyond mere connectivity and including traffic patterns, performance, and tolerance for grey failures. AOS then continuously validates the network operators’ intent, simply generating anomalies when it detects a deviation. With AOS IBA, network operators can quickly detect and prevent a wide range of service level violations — including security breaches, performance degradations, and traffic imbalances.

And as is a hallmark of the Apstra approach, AOS IBA works across devices from both established vendors and open alternatives. AOS IBA provides turn-key functionality yet is fully extensible; and we’re engaging the community by creating a catalog of open source probes on our community website.

AOS 2.1 with IBA is a big step forward towards our commitment to provide you with ways to simplify your network design, build and operations, while at the same time freeing yourself from your choice of hardware. It takes the AOS distributed operating system approach to a new level, unlocking tremendous value by integrating intent, configuration, and continuous validation to eliminate network outages and gray failures, reduce cost, and build a modern, agile, multi-vendor intent-based data center network — helping you realize in the process log-scale improvements in the CapEx, OpEx and capacity of your network infrastructure.

Mansour Karam

President, Founder