2019 Strategic Roadmap for Networking

Gartner Report on why you must transform your network now.  This report offers concrete recommendations to optimize the performance, agility, and cost-effectiveness of your networks. Learn about the new technologies and processes you should adopt to transform your data center and your culture. Read about how strategic Gartner sees Intent-Based Networking.

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White Papers

Automate Network Operating System Device Upgrades.

With Apstra you can easily automate and validate the management of network operating system (NOS) device upgrades across an entire IP fabric with a few simple clicks. Ensuring compliance and reduction in maintenance time from day or weeks to minutes or hours.

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Understanding Intent-Based Analytics: A Deep Dive

This white paper takes a deep dive into the technical details of Intent-Based Analytics. Learn how Apstra’s Intent-Based Analytics allows you to gain more knowledge of user infrastructure by collecting and storing less data. The insights you gain will help you chart user infrastructure efficiently, controlling costs so you can focus on solutions. 

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Reduce Data Center Network Automation OpEx Costs

We take a look at what’s driving the high OpEx costs of operating Data Centers. And how Apstra helps dramatically reduce OpEx through network automation. And we demo of our Network Automation OpEx calculator that was developed by a customer to calculate savings.

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Eliminate Operational Legacy. Forever.

Are you struggling with legacy infrastructure preventing you from making operational changes reliably. Gain new insights and receive valuable information on how to address this business conundrum. Find out how Apstra can reduce your OpEx and storage costs by up to 83%.

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Data Sheets and Briefs

Apstra® 3.1 Datasheet

Apstra Intent-Based Data Center Automation enables businesses to build an Intent-Based Data Center that increases application reliability and availability, simplifies deployments and operations through automation, and reduces costs (OpEx and CapEx). Apstra enables network engineers and operators to quickly and reliably design, build, operate, and validate a data center network of any size with scalability for the largest data centers.
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Comparing and Contrasting Cisco ACI and Apstra

Are using, or considering Cisco ACI? We’d love to show you how Apstra takes a different approach to data center infrastructure management.   Dramatically reducing the cost of operations, preventing network outages, accelerating your time to deployment and augmenting your talent by simplifying IT infrastructure consumption.
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Apstra Intent-Based Networking for the Data Center and Beyond

Apstra enables digital transformation through automated software-first Intent-Based Networking. The latest version of the Apstra Operating System (AOS) includes tighter design, build, and operational interoperability between the underlying physical network and software-defined overlay networks with a solution that liberates customers from being locked into any specific network hardware vendor.

Apstra Executive Overview, Company Update and Live Demos!

Get a corporate update on Apstra and software-first Intent-Based Networking for the Data Center from Founder and CEO Mansour Karam. Learn more about key capabilities in Apstra AOS 3.1 that were announced at VMworld 2019, on August 28, 2019

Case Studies

Bloomberg Manages Bloomberg Television’s Media Production Network in New London Building with Apstra

When Bloomberg Television opened its state-of-the-art broadcast facility in the company’s new European Headquarters in London last year, network engineers from the company’s IT infrastructure team collaborated with Apstra to successfully pilot its technology in order to gain visibility across and more effectively manage the network fabric supporting the building’s media production systems.

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Customer Case Study: Yahoo Japan Corporation

Yahoo Japan Corporation required a new data center network infrastructure and more efficient network operations to support their big data requirements and massive growth in network traffic. Download this in-depth case study that shows how Yahoo Japan Corporation is implementing a multi-vendor intent-based networking system in production today, and how they got here.

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