Packet Pushers Podcast with Derick Winkworth

Packet Pushers Show 369: Work/Life Balance In IT

Derick Winkworth, a Network Engineer at Apstra, discusses work/life balance with the Packet Pushers, exploring why it can be so challenging, including issues such as martyr syndrome, staffing, unreliable products, and more.

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Packet Pushers Podcast with Sasha Ratkovic

PQ Show 120: Intent-Based Networking With Apstra

Today on the Priority Queue, intent-based networking. What is it? What’s it good for? What’s the technical reality? Is it like, “Alexa, make me a network” and then a network magically appears? Sort of. Sasha Ratkovic, Doug Gourlay and Derick Winkworth discuss intent-based networking with Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks of Packet Pushers.

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Gartner Innovation Insight: Intent-Based Networking Systems

Packet Pushers Show 303: Learn About Apstra’s Intent-Driven Distributed Network Operating System

The notion of network programmability is a key concept of SDN, but as usual, the devil is in the details. In this podcast we look at how their distributed network operating system, AOS, enables business intent to be translated into a vendor-agnostic network configuration.

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David Cheriton podcast with Cowen Group

Cowen Group Fireside Chat

Paul Silverstein, Senior Analyst with Cowen Group interviews Apstra co-founder and CEO, Mansour Karam and co-founder and Chief Scientist, David Cheriton about how Apstra is fundamentally changing data center networking.

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