Mansour Karam - CEO, Apstra

Accelerate VMware NSX Deployments with Apstra Intent-Based Networking for the Data Center

VMware NSX brings tremendous benefits to data center networks by virtualizing the network and security, and enabling faster business services. However, challenges can arise due to the decoupled physical underlay and virtual overlay, siloed teams and limited end-to-end visibility across the underlay and overlay that prevent infrastructure transformation.

In this webinar, we’ll show how Apstra AOS intent-based networking for the data center addresses these challenges and accelerates the deployment of VMware NSX.

When: September 10, 2019 at 10am pst

Mansour Karam - CEO, Apstra

Apstra Intent-Based Data Center Automation 3.0

Apstra’s recent release of AOS 3.0, the award-winning Intent-Based Data Center Automation system, enables businesses to increase application reliability and availability, simplify deployments and operations through automation, and reduce costs (OpEx and CapEx). View this webinar presented by Apstra CMO and VP of Product, Michael Wood and Josh Saul, Technical Marketing Engineer.

Mansour Karam - CEO, Apstra

Intent-Based Data Center Automation Architecture

Join industry expert Sasha Ratkovic, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Apstra for an on-demand webinar where Sasha reviews the architecture of Intent-Based Data Center Automation and discuss the foundational technologies that make up this architecture.

Mansour Karam - CEO, Apstra

Cloud Service Provider Data Center Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

Scott Raynovich, Founder and Chief Analyst of Futuriom, shares unique survey insights, trends, challenges and opportunities that cloud service provider leaders, engineers and operators are experiencing and what solutions they are considering that will address these demands.

Mansour Karam - CEO, Apstra

Intent-Based Data Center Automation – Real World Customer Deployments

Join Apstra Founder and CEO, Mansour Karam, and CMO and VP Product, Mike Wood to hear about real-world examples of why and how actual businesses are deploying Intent-Based Data Center Automation. You’ll also gain a better understanding of how these businesses are using Intent-Based Data Center Automation to increase application reliability, simplify deployments, and reduce costs.

Mansour Karam - CEO, Apstra

Empowering the Intent-Based Data Center

Join our guest, Lee Doyle, Principal Analyst with Doyle Research, in this live webinar to gain an understanding of how Intent-Based Data Center Automation is addressing the needs of the Intent-Based Data Center through increased application reliability, simplified deployments, and reduced costs.

Mansour Karam - CEO, Apstra

Data Center Challenges, Solutions, and Evolution

Watch this on-demand webinar featuring Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal analyst with ZK Research, to understand trends in data center requirements, the growing challenges data center IT teams are facing today and in the future, and the solutions necessary to address these challenges.

Mansour Karam - CEO, Apstra

BI Analyst Briefing: Intent-Based Networking – What SDN Was Meant To Be

Bloomberg Intelligence hosted Mansour Karam, CEO of Apstra to discuss next-generation networking technologies, with a focus on Intent-Based Networking. Watch this on-demand webinar featuring Woo Jin Ho, Bloomberg Intelligence Analyst, Networking, Semiconductors.

Carly Stoughton - Head of Technical Marketing at Apstra

AOS® 2.2 Overview and Demo

Apstra experts, Carly Stoughton, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer and Sean Hafeez, Director of Sales for Asia Pacific Region demonstrate the new and enhanced features and capabilities AOS offers, designed to make your data center networking initiatives easy in this on-demand webinar.

Manish Sampat - VP Engineering

Apstra and Cumulus Networks Bring Disaggregation, Agility and Lower TCO to Data Center Network Operations

Watch this on-demand webinar with JR Rivers, CTO and Founder of Cumulus Networks and Manish Sampat, VP of Engineering of Apstra who will focus on the leaf-spine architectural essentials and the role Apstra’s Operating System (AOS) and disaggregated hardware, running the Cumulus Networks OS, plays in the ever-changing landscape.

Manish Sampat - VP Engineering

Intent-Based Networking and Open Ethernet Switches

Attend this joint webinar featuring executives from Apstra, Mellanox and Microsoft and moderated by Mike Fratto of GlobalData covering how Apstra AOS®, Mellanox Spectrum and SONiC work together to bring cloud-like agility and efficiency to your data center by leveraging Open Ethernet Switches and Intent-Based Networking.

Sean Hafeez - Sales Director, APAC

Customer Case Study: Yahoo Japan Corporation

Learn how one of the largest Internet service providers in Japan — Yahoo Japan Corporation — dramatically streamlined the design, build, and operations of their data center network by deploying Apstra AOS® 2.1. Sean Hafeez covers how the company applied the same design, software, hardware and chip principles and selections as a hyperscale provider, but selected Apstra for automation software.

Josh Saul - Solutions Architect at Apstra

Intent-Based Analytics: Prevent Network Outages and Gray Failures

Intent-Based Analytics enables network architects and operators to create high-level conditions for alerting on any set of telemetry from the network. The conditions are defined from user intent, so they are constantly updated when new devices or policies are deployed in the network. Join us on Tuesday, February 6 will provide an introduction to the capabilities of this exciting new feature.

Josh Saul - Solutions Architect at Apstra

Rapidly Build and Operate Physical and Overlay Networks with AOS®

Join Apstra Solutions Architect Josh Saul as he explains and demonstrates how Apstra AOS 2.0 allows you to quickly and easily convert all phases of your network requirements — including design, build, deploy and operate — into a fully operational system.

Josh Saul - Solutions Architect at Apstra

Introducing Apstra AOS 2.0 for Virtual and Physical Workloads

In this webinar, Solutions Architect, Josh Saul covers new features in AOS 2.0 including support for VXLAN which enables the first integrated overlay and underlay, allowing you to run L2 apps on a scale-out L3 fabric. Josh discusses how AOS can help operators reduce time to delivery, cost and outages by 50%-90%.