Real-Time Validations of Vendor-Agnostic Campus Leaf-Spine Networks

Turnkey Automated Visualization of Single Source of Truth

Challenges: Automating Telemetry Collection and Analytics for Multi-Vendor Campus Leaf-Spine Networks

As cloud access and Internet of Things (IoT) continue to grow exponentially in enterprise campus network environments, network engineers and operators are looking to their data center peers who have upgraded to a leaf-spine architecture. Following the best practices of a modern data center network and applying them to a campus network provides various benefits, such as scalability (using BGP fabric), reliability (using MLAG and ECMP), visibility (using analytics), and microsegmentation (using VRF, EVPN and VXLAN overlays).

The challenge, however, lies in successfully operating the campus leaf-spine networks daily. For example:

  • having a single source of truth to refer to (e.g. desired BGP routes vs. actual route failures caused by a bad transceiver);
  • being alerted to simple visualization of state changes (e.g. segmentation from VRF down to EVPN and VXLAN);
  • being alerted when users or IoT devices are placed into in the wrong security zones;
  • collecting the most relevant telemetry (fault and performance) from switches and routers regardless of who supply them (e.g. Cisco, Arista, Juniper);
  • being alerted to and resolving gray failures (e.g. ECMP traffic imbalance) before users start experiencing outages.

Cloud companies have built software tools in-house to help them validate and complete these network-wide changes every day and enterprise campus networking teams should expect nothing less. Apstra has built a turnkey software solution to automate campus leaf-spine network operations, with no programming required.

Next-Gen Enterprise Campus Network Operational Challenges

Solution: Apstra Automates Campus Leaf-Spine Network as a Whole System

Apstra unifies disparate leaf-spine network elements by treating them as one system. Apstra AOS understands the leaf-spine topology as one system with precisely and dynamically coordinated individual elements. AOS builds the topology and its respective underlay, overlay, security, and tenant configuration in minutes.

You can easily declare your high-level intent for the system with a few mouse clicks, such as the network oversubscription target and ideal fabric location for IoT devices attachment.

AOS then automates best practices for the overlay and underlay configuration and validation for industry standard protocols like BGP, VXLAN, and EVPN, while also managing tedious and error-prone tasks like cabling — 24x7x365. AOS will continuously validate in real-time the operational state versus the intent, and notify you immediately about any deviations.

Stay Agile

Provision your network infrastructure rapidly when deploying new applications or extending the footprint of existing applications.

Validate Configuration Changes Faster

Your network is always ready for business with real-time visibility and alerts.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Tools that enable you to do more with less and provide freedom of hardware and software choice.

Apstra: The Key to a Smarter and Automated Campus Network

Choose Apstra Operating System (AOS) to optimize the agility, answer the right questions using telemetry and analytics, deploy configuration changes faster, and improve operational efficiency for your campus leaf-spine networking initiatives.

Campus Leaf-Spine Network Automation

Manage thousands of complex elements within a leaf-spine network as a cohesive system. Complete all networking drudgery with precision and speed.


  • Automate Your Network Operations
  • Change your network design in minutes, including capacity, redundancy, isolation and more
  • Change configurations in minutes without errors and second-guessing
  • Validate all dependencies dynamically to meet your goals
  • Extract relevant, context-rich insights from raw telemetry
  • Swap vendor devices in minutes

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