Reduce the Mean-Time-to-Repair Network Outages

Troubleshooting a data center network typically involves multiple teams, each having a different view of the network and the applications it supports. As a result, resolving issues can be a box-by-box procedure that increases the length of time it takes to properly identify issues and prolongs network

downtime. Apstra AOS® gives you a consolidated view of network outages that match the intended design, helping to reduce mean-time-to-repair to more quickly identify and resolve network downtime and outages.

Ask Questions, Get Answers

Leverage Intent-Based Analytics — a robust set of analytics “probes” — to ask the network complex questions and use the answers for remediation, troubleshooting, or innovation.

Approach network outages with the same, complete view of the network as designed

Eliminate unknown, manual configurations as causes of outages

Identify the root-cause of anomalies and their impact on the network and the applications that run on it

Remediate gaps in network infrastructure for deployed applications

Stream correlated analytics to external systems for deeper analysis

Expand the scope of monitoring with a sophisticated probe infrastructure

Preventing Network Outages and Gray Failures

Intent-Based Analytics enables network architects and operators to create high-level conditions for alerting on any set of telemetry from the network.

Advanced Features

Group-Based Policies

Simplify your network access management and tenant segmentation across all vendors, with no need to manage individual access-control lists or command-line interface syntax.

5-Stage Clos

Apstra AOS scales up to support 5-stage (3-tier) L3 Clos design which allows the architects to build large data center networks. Architects can add racks directly to existing pods or add entirely new pods to an existing topology, allowing rapid expansion of the network as desired. Monitoring the newly added network segments is automated, and insertion of the equipment into the network is done without impact to existing traffic.

Advanced Root Cause Identification

Dramatically improve MTTR (mean-time-to-repair) by pointing operators directly to the cause of service-affecting problems. Accelerate troubleshooting with predefined, customizable, automated probes and an enriched view of anomalies with context and summary of root causes.

Zero-Touch Provisioning

Apstra’s universal Zero-Touch Provisioning decouples bootstrap operations from vendor specificity. It allows Network Operating System (NOS) upgrades & other basic operations on multiple network devices simultaneously, reducing the time and complexity associated with initial device provisioning from different vendors.

IPv6 Application Support

Future-proof your network addressing with both IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously supporting massive virtual and containerized compute environments.

Cloud-scale Infrastructure

Apstra AOS simplifies scaling to handle the largest data center requirements, including 5-Stage Clos for massive cloud and compute farms of over 100,000 servers. Unified system monitoring and management based on simple design patterns and rules.

Network Lifecycle Day 0, 1, 2+ Move/Add/Change Automation

Grow, shrink, and move your network and servers without affecting business applications. Use a simple browser-based management tool to drain network traffic off devices before upgrading or remediating problems with network hardware.

Multi-vendor Support

Apstra AOS is multi-vendor by design & is compatible with many different Device Operating Systems. This means freedom of choice to use different hardware, open-source NOS, from more than one vendor. AOS allows you to easily deploy and manage the lifecycle of devices from Cisco, Arista, Juniper, Cumulus, & other white-box alternatives like Microsoft SONiC.

Intent-Based Analytics (IBA)

Apstra AOS’ Intent-Based Analytics feature provides the ability to obtain relevant analytics in real time. Our analytics extract actionable insights and rich context out of raw telemetry. Explore the state of the network in real-time, continuously validate your best practices and predefined industry-best checks with zero delays.


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