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As organizations embrace digital transformation, infrastructure teams need to upgrade their Data Center Networks so they enable, rather than stand in the way of business needs. Data center infrastructures need to manage dynamic environments to support more applications and services — and increasing demands – across their infrastructure. Powerful automation is the only way to achieve this; an intent-based platform is required that delivers immediate benefits to customers looking for agile and reliable network operations, in addition to ongoing and real-time assurance.

Apstra’s intent-based networking and analytics solution helps customers easily operate networking equipment from any vendor without using command-line interfaces to manually configure and troubleshoot each networking device individually. Gone are the days of manual device-by-device configuration and maintenance.

How IBN is Different than SDN?

Intent-based networking (IBN) goes beyond what software-defined networking (SDN) offers, providing different capabilities. SDN separates the control plane and data plane functions, which can be inflexible across platforms. IBN is a management plane play — non-intrusive — and you specify the what, not the how — and are notified in real-time if your operational state is not meeting the intent. Apstra’s IBN is not controller-based; AOS Server is simply a virtual machine, with a distributed set of agents, making AOS a non-disruptive tool for modern greenfield and brownfield environments alike.

With Apstra’s built-in analytics, you have clear visibility into the dynamic dependencies of the network, so you can easily see and be notified of application performance issues, security breaches, traffic imbalances, or any custom metric you deem important in your environment.


Stay Agile

Validate Configuration Changes Faster

Improve Operational Efficiency

Apstra: The Key to a Smarter and Automated Data Center

Choose Apstra Operating System (AOS®) to optimize the agility, answer the right questions in regard to analytics, deploy configuration changes faster, and improve operational efficiency for your data center networking initiatives.

AOS for Data Center Leaf-Spine Network

Data Center Leaf-Spine Network Automation

Manage thousands of complex elements within a leaf-spine network as a cohesive system. Complete all networking drudgery with precision and speed.


  • Change your network design in minutes, including capacity, redundancy, isolation and more
  • Change configurations in minutes without errors and second-guessing
  • Validate all dependencies dynamically to meet your goals
  • Extract relevant, context-rich insights from raw telemetry
  • Swap vendor devices in minutes

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