Automate Your Data Center Networks

Achieve Cloud-like Agility and Reliability Without Programming

When it comes to data center network operations, public cloud companies set the gold standard for speed and reliability. AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform networking teams are making hundreds of routine changes to the physical networks rapidly and safely every day. These changes include turning up new links, replacing devices, creating new security zones, and extracting relevant insights from massive amounts of raw telemetry.

The challenges is that enterprises do not need the size and scale of cloud networks, and don’t want to embark on the journey to massive Do-it-Yourself (DIY) programming. For years, agile cloud networks have remained the privilege of a select few.

With Apstra enterprise solutions, every enterprise in the world gains the ability to automate their own private data center leaf-spine networks like cloud companies, minus the need for programming.

Enterprise Use Cases

Accelerate VMware Deployments with Apstra

Apstra AOS 3.1 and NSX-T integration is the first and only in the industry that truly delivers Intent-Based Networking across any vendor, any workload, and any cloud. Apstra AOS 3.1 bridges the gap between the underlay, overlay, and security enabling NSX-T to deliver consistent and automated service-intent to any workload.

AOS reduces operational costs by more than 80%, accelerates deployments via accelerated IT tasks, and allows IT to respond to business needs more effectively and remediate much more efficiently, reducing MTTR by 70%.

Simplify Data Center Leaf-Spine Networks

Apstra Operating System (AOS) enables the infrastructure teams to treat thousands of disparate yet interdependent networking elements as a simple cohesive system. Tell AOS your goals at the system level, such as capacity, redundancy and segmentation. AOS automatically configures and tracks all elements and tells you when any element deviates from your goals. Tell AOS your network operating state search criteria at the system level, such as traffic imbalance and gray failures. AOS automatically returns relevant search results on the fly, as you change your search criteria.

Build and Operate Private Clouds Using Leaf-Spine Networks

Apstra Operating System (AOS) enables network engineers to design and build a data center leaf-spine network in days rather than months from equipment ordering to operational readiness — using built-in reference design blueprints and best practices proven by cloud companies — without the need for programming. AOS also allow network operators to extract contextual and actionable insights from the live operating state of the network, without directly consuming raw telemetry.

Operate Leaf-Spine Networks with Confidence and Certainty

Apstra Operating System (AOS) tracks the relationships and interdependencies among millions of network elements in real-time, from top (e.g. BGP routes) to bottom (e.g. interfaces and transceivers). Search the network operating state at the system level such as any traffic imbalance and intermittent issues, AOS automatically returns relevant search results on the fly, as you change your search criteria.

Change Network Segments in Minutes

Apstra Operating System (AOS) allows you to rapidly create, change, delete and validate network segments using EVPN, VXLAN, and BGP, without having to deal with complex configuration changes and troubleshooting procedures at the IP subnet and VLAN / VXLAN levels. Tell AOS your segmentation goals at the security zone level and AOS automatically translates your goals into detailed configurations from top (e.g. security zones) to bottom (e.g. interface IPs and VTEP IDs), and alerts you when deviations occur.

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