Managed Services

Simplify, Automate, Transform Multiple Customer Data Center Networks

A managed services provider’s reputation depends on keeping customers happy by fulfilling SLAs and giving them full visibility into the network. The core network is where changes can be made now to improve operational efficiency and service delivery, realize cost efficiencies and prepare for 5G. Success requires a dynamic solution that removes network complexity while maximizing network investments through advanced and predictive analytics. 

With the Apstra data center management solution, services providers can scale quickly and reliably with repeatable blueprints for onboarding new customers, support multi-tenancy and policy-driven configuration, and eliminate or reduce the impact of incidents using critical insights and automated approaches.

Multiple System Operators and Telcos

Scale without Fail

The applications used to enhance customer experience and customer service evolve at such a quick rate that the service provider data center networks that support them can struggle to keep pace.

With Apstra, multiple system operators (MSOs) and telcos can safely and reliably grow their data center networks to support this growth and reduce time to market for new products and services.

Financial Services

Reduce Network Spend, Increase Stability

Data is king in financial services, whether on the trading floor or working with clients. The quality and intelligence of the data is just as important as the speed you get it, which requires vast data lakes and compute clusters in large data centers.

Apstra AOS automates and simplifies the operations of even the most complex networks, saving money while ensuring stability, reducing outage rates and giving you flexibility in your network. Apstra lets you deploy the network you want with the equipment you choose without having to change any of your internal processes and procedures.

Energy, Oil and Gas

Simplify Networks, Shield and Secure Data

Energy, Oil, and Gas companies rely on data to keep the lights on and customers warm. Data feeds customer support, supply, pricing patterns, and field operations. Growing data requirements present a unique challenge to utilities and providers for access, availability, and security, particularly with growing concern over threats to infrastructure security and defense.

Apstra simplifies and helps secure the management and operation of the data center network infrastructure. It also shields mission-critical applications from catastrophic failure through Intent-Based Networking. Any anomalies and deviations can be seen immediately, with meaningful and actionable insights to fix any problems.


Keep Your System Stable and Patient Data Confidential

Healthcare workers from hospitals to doctors’ offices rely on advanced technologies to provide the information necessary for saving lives. The data centers serving those technologies must be secure and continuously available, so network stability is essential. And patient data confidentiality is nearly as important.

Apstra AOS simplifies and automates data center network infrastructure, giving hospitals, clinics, and medical centers can have greater stability, more visibility, and faster recovery from outages so they can continue to provide quality, life-saving care to their patients. Apstra AOS’s flexibility allows you to build segmentation into your network so data is only accessible between systems and workstations that are authorized for access.

Case Study

Energy Corporation Accelerates Azure Stack Connectivity with Apstra

This large energy company used Apstra’s Intent-Based data center automation to safely and efficiently deploy applications to the Azure private cloud.

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Case Study

Automation Addresses Data Center Networking Skills Shortage

A mid-sized financial services company used Apstra’s Intent-Based data center automation to increase the reliability of services, simplify implementations and automate operations.

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Case Study

Apstra provides Clos fabric network infrastructure for Yahoo Japan

Yahoo Japan Corporation selected Apstra to streamline the design, build, and operations of Clos fabric networks to efficiently address ever-growing data center traffic.