Turnkey Network Automation at Scale for Cloud Service Providers

Automate a Cloud Network at Scale Without Programming

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When offering cloud services to SMBs, enterprises and government entities, the biggest risk and delay lie within the physical and virtual network infrastructure. To provide custom-built cloud services to meet varying customer needs with minimal time-to-market, risks and cost, cloud providers need to integrate various building blocks such as OpenStack, software-defined networking (SDN) and Intent-Based Networking (IBN) with the right network hardware platforms.

With Apstra cloud provider solutions, any cloud provider big or small can automate their data center networks like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, without the need for programming and network hardware vendor lock-in.

Learn more in our webinar “Yahoo! Japan Reduces Time and Cost For Web-scale Data Center Networks.

Cloud Service Provider Use Cases

Build and Operate Cloud Data Center Networks Using Built-in Best Practices Proven by AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform

Apstra Operating System (AOS) enables private cloud providers to design and build a data center leaf-spine network in days rather than in months. From network hardware vendor selection to operational readiness — Apstra provides IT with built-in reference design blueprints and proven best practices adopted by the largest cloud companies — without the need for programming.

Automate Cloud Data Center Network Management Plane at Scale with Confidence and Certainty

Apstra Operating System (AOS) massively reduces or eliminates human errors that mostly happen on the management plane. It tracks the relationships and interdependencies among millions of network elements in real-time, from top (e.g. BGP routes) to bottom (e.g. interfaces and transceivers). Search the network operating state at the system level such as any traffic imbalance and intermittent issues, AOS automatically returns relevant search results on the fly, as you change your search criteria.

Change Network Multi-Tenancy in Minutes

Apstra Operating System (AOS) allows you to rapidly create, change, delete and validate network multi-tenancy using EVPN, VXLAN and BGP, without having to deal with complex configuration changes and troubleshooting procedures at the IP subnet and VLAN / VXLAN level. Tell AOS your segmentation goals at the tenant and security zone level, AOS automatically translates your goals into detailed configurations from top (e.g. security zones) to bottom (e.g. overlapped IPs and VTEP IDs), and alerts you when deviations happen.

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Autonomous Network Lifecycle Operations for Service Provider Scale-out NFV

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Yahoo! Japan Corporation: Multi-Vendor Intent-Based Network Simplifies Data Center Network Operations
Apstra Case Study: Yahoo Japan

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TelecomTV Interview with Mansour Karam: The Evolution to the Self-Operating Network

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