Simplify Deployment of Your SONiC Data Center Network

Apstra’s integration with SONiC simplifies the deployment and operation of your open-source data center network so you can take advantage of the full enterprise-level features that SONiC offers. While SONiC’s open networking disaggregation model frees your company from vendor lock-in, Apstra’s intent-based networking solution eliminates the inherent challenges and complexities that disaggregation creates for network architects and network operators.

Apstra uses intelligent automation and abstraction to address SONiC open networking software and hardware interdependencies “behind the scenes.” It also delivers contextual analytics that give you real-time insight into the state of your network.

Freedom of hardware choice

Align the required hardware to unique customer network applications from top HW vendors.

Modern technology

Combine hardware and software vendors that met your requirements, implementing the most modern ideas and technologies. Managed by Apstra.

Rich functionality

A full-suite of network functionality available for data centers, including top-of-rack and spine features.

Time to market

Design, deploy, and begin operating in days.

Ensure Your SONiC Data Center Network
Is Reliable, Resilient, and Agile

Manage Your SONiC Network From a Single Interface

By abstracting away the complexities inherent in SONiC, Apstra allows you to manage your entire network from a single interface. Make a change to one switch running on SONiC, and Apstra automatically makes the change to all the others.

Easily Combine or Change Operating Systems

With Apstra, you can use SONiC simultaneously with other network operating systems on different switches. You can also replace the operating system on individual switches with just a few clicks, making it easy for you to try out SONiC while retaining your existing set-up.

Eliminate Vendor Lock-In

Apstra and SONiC are designed to work with any hardware, both in a single- and multi-vendor environment. We run millions of tests each week to verify that the SONiC data center network integration with Apstra runs identically on a wide range of hardware.

Obtain Support From a Single, Reliable Source

Working with Apstra ensures you’ll have a single source of support for your SONiC data center network. Our specialized team of experts is also available to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the Apstra and SONiC integration.

Reduce Costs

Apstra reduces operating expenses (OPEX) by streamlining your network operations, and with open networking software, your capital expenses (CAPEX) are lower as well. Plus, having a range of hardware options gives you more power to negotiate pricing with vendors.

Minimize Errors

Apstra automates many of the manual configurations you would otherwise have to make with SONiC, reducing the likelihood of human errors.

SONiC Data Center Network Automation

Watch how easily Apstra integrates with SONiC for configuration and automation for fast and easy deployments, ease and reliability of making changes and the operation in your data center network.

Apstra Enhanced Features for SONiC

Routing Resilience

Obtain enterprise-level high availability with Apstra’s unique configuration mode, which separates non-routing configurations from routing configurations.

Intent Tracking

Perform incremental changes reliably with Apstra’s intent-based networking approach. Apstra operates your entire network as a single system and understands each device's current and intended state.

Incremental Configuration

Eliminate routing disruptions with Apstra’s OpenConfig and SONiC-specific YANG model incremental configuration.

Auto-Appending of VRF Names

Save time and reduce potential errors when appending “vrf” to each virtual routing function (VRF), as required by SONiC. Apstra automatically does this for you.


Packet Pushers: Integrating Automation & Whitebox With Apstra & SONiC

Packet Pushers podcast dives into the integration between Apstra and the SONiC Enterprise distribution, a Dell-supported version of the open-source SONiC network OS.

Networking Field Day

NFD23: How Apstra Manages and Automates Enterprise SONiC

This demo shows how Apstra simplifies the deployment and operations of Enterprise SONiC, with speed and reliability. See how Apstra interfaces with SONiC to configure and automate for fast and easy deployment, and operation in your data center network.

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Solution Brief

Automate Your SONiC Data Center Network Solution Brief

Read how Apstra integrates with SONiC to accelerate and simplify the design, build, deployment, and validation of your SONiC data center network.