The Success of HCI and SDS Hinges Upon Networking Agility

Automate Complex Network Elements as a Simple System

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While compute and storage admins can quickly change Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) system capacity and performance to meet business needs, network admins still have to manually change, maintain, and troubleshoot the network as many individual, yet highly interdependent elements.

Apstra can help you unify these elements by treating the data center network as a system. Apstra AOS understands the leaf-spine topology as a system with precisely and dynamically coordinated individual elements. AOS for the Data Center builds the topology and its respective underlay and overlay configuration in minutes. You can easily declare high-level goals for the system with a few mouse clicks, such as the number of Dell VxFlexOS switches, endpoints, bandwidth needs, latency requirements, and ideal placement in the fabric. Once you have set a baseline for the expectations of your network, Apstra AOS will continuously validate in real-time the operational state versus the intent, and notify you immediately on any deviations.

While many folks talk about intent, intent without validation is wishful thinking. Apstra provides the only intent-based single source of truth with real-time validation and analytics for data center networks.

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