Accelerate VMware NSX-T Deployments with Apstra AOS

Addressing Real Deployment Challenges

Integration Gaps

Inability to manage the underlay and overlay integration gaps holistically and efficiently

Limited Multi-vendor Support

Inability to operate effectively in a heterogenous physical network environment

​Slow MTTR

Inability to quickly identify and respond to potential network issues 

Tight, Seamless Integration With Apstra AOS

Vendor Agnostic

Run virtual network over any hardware physical network


Enable cloud-scale deployment and operation


Automate consistent policies across physical and virtual workloads

Visibility and auto-remediation

Bridge the visibility gap between virtual and physical networks

Closed-loop Validation

Deliver a full integrity and continuous validation into service-intent.

Featured Customer

“Driving global innovation and customer value requires the ability to leverage both private data centers and public clouds with an expectation of consistency in operations, policy, and intent across each of these,” said Ken Brooks, Lead Network Architect at Chevron. “Apstra and VMware are enabling businesses to drive cloud-scale availability, resiliency, and efficiencies in private data centers while maintaining unified policy across these data centers and the public cloud.”

Benefits of Software First Intent-Based Networking

OPEX Improvement


Save over 80% on operating data centers

Infrastructure Agility


Reduce time to design and build data centers

Application Reliability


Accelerate identification and resolution to network issues

Learn More about the NSX-T Integration with Apstra Intent-Based Networking

Apstra AOS and VMware NSX-T Integration

Apstra AOS and VMware NSX-T Fabric Deployment Demo

Apstra NSX-T Security Enforcement Demo

vSphere Integration Demo