Podcast: Apstra leads the way for Intent-Based Networking (IBN)

“Think of Intent-Based Networking, (IBN) as a turnkey solution,” says Mansour Karam, Founder, and President of Apstra. In this podcast, Mansour discusses Intent-Based Networking and what it can do for people managing and securing Cisco networks in a multi-vendor platform. Apstra pioneered Intent-Based Networking in 2016, a full year before Cisco began to make its offerings.

“It’s about simplicity,” says Mansour. Mansour outlines how IBN simplifies the process of maintaining and making secure networks that are Cisco centered as well as multi-vendor environments. We also learn how IBN matches network needs in the Age of Covid-19, with newly distributed workforces and hastened workforce distribution. Mansour argues that the pandemic has hastened the digital transformation of the workforce and that this makes IBN more important than ever. Mansour discusses that household name companies such as Bloomberg have embraced IBN.

Telecom Reseller Podcast


Our Guest

Mansour Karam

Founder and President, Director — Apstra

Sean Hafeez

Vice President, Product Management — Apstra

Jeff Tantsura

Head of Networking Strategy — Apstra

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