Oct 31, 2018

The Apstra Values


The Apstra values are critical to our high performance standards. One of the first documents we wrote when we started the company was our values document which we share with prospective candidates and every Apstrktr signs on the first day of employment.

The Apstra values document describes the guiding principles by which all of us are expected to behave. Our leaders are expected to lead by example in the way they practice our values, and are also tasked to enforce our values. In that vein, our values have always played a big role in guiding rewards, promotions, and even discipline.

As you can read on our website, our top three values at Apstra are as follows:

  1. Do the right thing
  2. Collaborate and communicate
  3. Strive for maximum competency and impact

Do the Right Thing

We’ve always heard dialogues in an office environment that go like this “this was the right decision — you did the right thing”. We intuitively have a feel of what the right thing is, but ultimately “doing the right thing” is simply not precise enough to measure.

At Apstra, “doing the right thing” means “making decisions in a manner that is consistent with a common set of values”. So, consequently, “Doing the right thing” means that we’re individually making decisions in a way that is consistent with our values.

Why is that so important? Being decisive is a critical trait in high-performance environments, and having a set of guidelines to make decisions simplifies this process greatly. I personally sleep well at night because I try hard to make the decisions that are compatible with the company values. Having the right framework for making decisions is critical for any leader, or any team member in a high performance environment.  Operating within these values also enables Apstrktrs to have greater autonomy to run the business, make self-directed decisions, and move quickly.

When team members make decisions, they do so in accordance with these values. These are examples:

  1. Integrity first!
  2. Exhibit honesty and candor
  3. Value and practice work-life balance
  4. Exhibit courage
  5. Be open to coaching and feedback

Let’s take (3) “Value and practice work-life balance”. As an example, family emergencies take precedence over company related commitments — simple rule. In another example,  team members with kids are allowed to come into work after dropping their kids off at school. And team members may decide to leave early in the evening to spend time with their kids. Many of us log back in to do work after our kids are asleep.

Why do we believe that striking the right life-work balance is a critical component of “doing the right thing”? The reason is because we believe that long term success requires individuals to produce in a sustained manner over the long run. And a healthy family life is critical to our ability to sustain healthy productivity in the workplace over time.

World-class Healthcare

Another example of doing the right thing is that Apstra strives to provide world class health care to our employees. The reason this is critical is that for our team members to deliver at the best of their ability, they need to know that their families are taken care of if a medical issue arises. This is especially critical as healthcare coverage in the United States becomes more inadequate and more expensive with every day that passes.

Apstra has also taken another important step to provide world-class insurance to our employees. We are one of the first startups to take advantage of a law provision that allows employers to establish a Medical Reimbursement Plan to provide better insurance choices than are available on the market.

This is a great example of the Apstra values at work. It starts with a definition of a problem, which is that health insurance is very important to many of our top achievers, but the quality of typical health coverage has gone down drastically over the years and costs have gone up. We could have paid through the nose to provide sub-standard coverage to our employees – which is frankly what most startups do.

But instead our leadership along with our HR department was creative and looked at all options that were available to them. In doing so we realized that by establishing our own Medical Reimbursement Plan, we were able to purchase reasonably priced high deductible plans from the insurance company, yet provide industry leading plans to our employees. We realized that we could do this with minimum overhead through third party administrators. We also realized that doing so would likely also save the company money over the long term.

The company thus exhibited bias-to-action (a key Apstra value), and exhibited courage in doing something novel that we hadn’t tried before. We also exhibited courage in trusting Apstrktrs that they would do the right thing and spend company money like it’s their own.

So coming up and formalizing this world class health plan is a great example of Apstra values at  work – and the end result is a major win all around, for both Apstrktrs and the company.


Another critical value at Apstra is teamwork. We collaborate and communicate. Teamwork is what enables the whole to be orders of magnitude greater than the sum of the parts. In fact, in every company I’ve been part of, and certainly at Apstra, I am amazed about what a team can produce that is far beyond what any individual can achieve on their own.

Teamwork is why good communication is essential. At Apstra, we remind team members that when in doubt, they should over-communicate. There is no downside in repeating an important piece of information, certainly there is a lot more downside if stakeholders were to miss learning about it!

This is why we emphasize that deal information is shared generously across — sales, product, marketing, but also and critically Engineering. At Apstra, we remind everyone that “we win together”. We succeed and fail as a team, indeed team success is more important than personal glory.

Be an A-player

And in a high-performance environment, good teamwork forces everyone to amp up their game. Which is why the third critical set of values relate to the expectation that we strive for maximum competency and impact in everything we do.  Any deliverable — a customer win, a major release of our software  requires coordination amongst many participants. For the company to deliver on its goal, every participant is required to deliver on their tasks with top quality and in time. Any delay could delay everyone else on the team; and a low quality product could either cause the product to fail, or cause major delays, as the task would have to be redone.

Indeed, doing the right thing in our decisions, collaborating and communicating, and striving for max competency and impact are the key tenets of the Apstra values.

I plan to write more about various aspects of our values, and provide more examples in future blogs. In the meantime, if you are the type of person that resonates with our values, then Apstra may well be for you. Please apply for our positions on our career page.

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Mansour Karam

President, Founder