Stop the Pain: Simplify Your Data Center Network

Building, deploying, operating, managing and troubleshooting a data center network can be difficult, expensive and resource-intensive. According to Gartner, simplifying IT infrastructure is the number 1 strategic priority,  for businesses today. Apstra automates the data center network day 0, day 1, and day 2+ and saves you 80% in operational efficiencies.

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What Can Apstra Do for You?

Reduce time, costs & resources

Apstra’s automation has helped leading companies reduce time to delivery by 90%, eliminate 85% of all outages, lower OpEx by up to 83% and lower CapEx by up to 60%.

A complete solution

Apstra Intent-Based Networking automates the full life cycle of network design, deployment and operation.

Simple yet customizable

Our turnkey solution features a simple UI, open APIs, and requires zero programming. Be up and running in quickly, and customize it to your business needs.

Use any hardware or vendor

Apstra gives you freedom of choice. You can use any hardware or operating system that meets your business needs – even multiple vendors.

White-glove, follow-the-sun support.

Apstra is here for you every step of the way, 24X7 support as you plan, initiate and deploy.

Powerful Network Automation and Abstraction Software

Intent-Based Networking is a technological shift in full network service lifecycle (Day 0/1/2) operations, where software allows you to express directly to the network what service you want, without having to implement each individual task. It automatically generates and deploys full configuration of all devices based on a service description, and continuously provides assurance checks about the drift (between the intended and operational state). Intended changes come from the operator whereas operational changes can come from failures or anomalistic conditions that can be brought to the operator’s attention, usually with direct insight into the root cause of the problem. Learn more about simplifying data center network operations.

Management Needs to Start with Software, Not Hardware

Starting with hardware when revamping or building data center networks is a bottom-up approach that leads to vendor lock-in. Coupling hardware and software on a vendor’s management tools and software suite, and makes it impossible to easily transform your network when business needs and goals change. Apstra Intent-Based Networking enables you to decouple your software and hardware choices, hence giving you choice and flexibility.

Gartner Report: Top 10 Technologies Driving the
Future of Infrastructure and Operations

..a full IBNS implementation will reduce the time to deliver network infrastructure services to business leaders by 50% to 90%.

It will also reduce the number and duration of outages by at least 50%.


eBook: Intent-Based Networking for Dummies

Want to learn more about what Intent-Based Networking is all about? The benefits, risks, and the top things to consider before choosing an IBN solution.


Gartner's Top 10 Technologies Driving the Future of Infrastructure and Operations

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White Paper

NEW! Apstra Operating System (AOS) Architecture White Paper

Apstra provides powerful, intent-driven automation of network services in vendor-agnostic environments by delivering it as an easily consumable service in response to consumer-specified intent.